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I was doing packing (leaving for university in London in a week!) and the amount of stuff I’m bringing is RIDICULOUS. I was wondering why the heck I had so much stuff when I realized the volume of stuff was overwhelming. I have, in my luggage:

- Bolster (they don’t sell it in UK)

- Rice Cooker (Cause family insisted)

- 3 x 5 packs of instant noodles which aren’t avail in UK

- 3 x 20 packs of 3 in 1 Super Cereal

- 20 x 2 packs of Milo

- Kettle (in a box)

- A box of stationery

- Cutlery + Measuring spoons (at Daiso) + some random cooking thingys

All this essentially takes up 1 - 1.5 luggages (so I don’t have a lot of clothes… right?! Right?! RIGHT?!)

When I get there, I still have to buy pots and pans and cooking stuff + bedsheets + soaps and detergent am I going to be the girl who brings too much I BET I AM U G H *dies*